How Is CBD Manufactured?

How Is CBD Manufactured?

How is CBD Made?

The first part of producing CBD is always planting the hemp plant and waiting for it to mature. Hemp is one of the most efficient plants in the world because of how closely each one can be planted together, making the process of harvesting it a lot less space-consuming than with other plants.

After that, the plant is harvested and then cured or air-dried. Once the flower is ready, the CBD has to be extracted from it, and there are a few different methods of doing so. For example, CBD can be extracted using ethanol, in which the plant is soaked in alcohol, or it can be extracted using CO2 and oils. Sovereign uses a mixture of these methods to extract the highest quality extracts.

After the CBD has been extracted, it is combined with a carrier oil to dilute it and make it easier to consume. Sovereign uses MTC. Sometimes the CBD is combined with a flavouring, but Sovereign believes in brining you only the best natural products, so we avoid this stage to make sure our formulations are 100% natural.

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